Let’s be real. You just had a baby. You want to be home, cuddled up with your babe in the space you find comfort. In the space that you just brought them home to. The space that you will raise this little one. The place you will change all their diapers, fed them, tuck them in, dress them up in all the outfits. The space you will see the first time they roll over, take their first step, eat their first solids. This home means something. And I want to remind you of that feeling. Of these first couple of days with them. Of the first memories being the family you are now. So, we just let the baby run the show and follow them around for awhile. If we need to stop because they want to eat — then eating it is! If they want to just be held — do it! If you need a break, let’s sit down and chat. This is no pressure, just all memories.