Thank you for stopping by! Here is a little about me:


I'm Kendra--although my nieces and nephews wouldn't recognize me by that name! They call me Krenda, Fricka, Bahka and whatever else might come out when they try to say Kendra! You can see some of them in these pictures! I have 5 beautiful sisters and I am thankful to call them my best friends! I am an auntie to 14 — and they truly are at the top of the list of my most favorite things. I have a 6 year old Great Dane named Kahn — and he is the most laid back dog in the world. If he could talk he would sound like Eeyore, I am convinced.

I am passionate about all things Jesus, Family, Laughter, Great Danes, Nancy Drew, Jack Bauer, and anything that makes me feel cozy! I could take a nap every day, and pretty sure if there was a job just playing card games--I'd be a pro. 

Photography just kind of happened for me when my little sister was pregnant and I wanted to capture her beauty! Since then, I have pursued this blessing as much as possible!

I am a natural light, golden sun lover, exploring kind of photographer. My favorite thing to do is to remind you of the beautiful thing you have created. If that is your family — let’s go run around, chase kiddos, laugh, cuddle, tickle, and smile for a bit. If that’s you graduating — celebrate that! You made it, and you put in the hard work. If you are getting married — that love deserves to be celebrated. And hey, if you have already been married 15 years — love still deserves its own attention.

Really, I just want to capture those sweet moments in your lives. Document this season. Anyone can give you photos — it’s more than that for me. I want to give you experiences, moments and memories. It won’t be just smile and look at the camera. It’s going to be more than that.

You know, those moments that aren't always the picture perfect ones. The times the little one just won't quit making faces, or that one who just doesn't want to smile. The in between moments that remind you of the joy you have. The moments before a kiss, the laughter unprompted, and the personalities that come from just being who you are.

Maybe it is those perfect moments--it's the event in your life you never want to forget. Perhaps you just brought your little one home and you want to remember those moments before time steals it all away. Maybe it's the day you promise to love, cherish and walk this life out with your best friend. Maybe it's remembering that time right before you enter into a whole new season post high school. 

Whatever makes your family "your family"--that's what I want to capture. All the details that make your love unique to you--that's what I want you to see. 

The sessions are more me capturing your family spending time together. We might stop and look at the camera every now and then--but mostly, its just me reminding you that there is beauty in your life--time and time again. There is no pressure. There are no rules. There is no right way or wrong way. Just beauty. Fun. Excitement. Moments.

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