Hi, I'm Kendra!

Although my nieces and nephews wouldn't recognize me by that name! They call me Krenda, Fricka, Bahka and whatever else might come out when they try to say Kendra!

I am passionate about all things Jesus, Family, Laughter, Great Danes, Nancy Drew, Jack Bauer, Golden State Warriors, and anything that makes me feel cozy! I could take a nap every day, and pretty sure if there was a job just playing card games--I'd be a pro. 

Photography just kind of happened for me when my little sister was pregnant and I wanted to capture her beauty! Since then, I have pursued this blessing as much as possible!

I am a natural light, golden sun lover, two lens havin' kind of photographer. I specialize in family, engagement, maternity, birth, wedding and in home photography.

Really, I just want to capture those sweet moments in your lives.

You know, those moments that aren't always the picture perfect ones. The times the little one just won't quit making faces, or that one who just doesn't want to smile. The in between moments that remind you of the joy you have. The moments before a kiss, the laughter unprompted, and the personalities that come from just being who you are.

Maybe it is those perfect moments--it's the event in your life you never want to forget. Perhaps you just brought your little one home and you want to remember those moments before time steals it all away. Maybe it's the day you promise to love, cherish and walk this life out with your best friend.

 Whatever makes your family "your family"--that's what I want to capture. 

Whatever makes your love "your love"--that's what I can't wait to capture.