For Clients

first, i just need to say thank you. thank you for being here. for even considering me to capture your life.

i don’t take it lightly - in fact, i take it as an honor. you can choose anyone. you can even choose no one, but for some reason you want these images. and i will honor that.

take a look around. picture yourself in the images. in the words. in the moments.

here’s to making memories at sunset, friend!

with honor,

kendra ashton


let’s see the magic.
let’s the sunset.
let’s see the joy in the midst of chaos.


because that’s what it is.
an investment.
into your legacy.
your season.
your lives.
your future.

Kind Words

"There just aren’t enough words to possibly describe how amazing each and every photo that Kendra snaps is. She has a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting and of course expressions. Kendra is an extremely personable individual, with an artistic eye, she will make your experience memorable."



"I was literally going to just not have a photographer at all for my son's birth if Kendra couldn't be there because finding a great birth photographer is a HUGE deal.. such a raw, extremely intimate time in life and she is literally the BEST...she made me laugh & feel at ease when I was in tears during my son's birth. She literally PRAYED over me and my child while I was in labor. She reassured me that I was strong and capable of unmedicated birth when I felt like I wasn’t anymore. And the photos — I couldn’t imagine more perfect pictures from ALL of my sessions with her."



"Truth be told… I’ve never seen more beautiful images from a photographer in my life. While the images are stunning, the experience exceeds that. Her ability to bring comfort to what can sometimes be an uncomfortable situation (being in front of the camera for me as a Momma who is normally behind the camera). Kendra has a way of creating an environment with zero uncomfortable energy and full peace that your investment will be returned with images full of incredible memories and love."



"I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Kendra. She makes my family and I feel so comfortable and relaxed every time. I have never experienced a photographer pour so much heart and soul into their photos. she makes us feel loved and cared for."


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