I call it an investment because I know that's exactly what it is. It's not just a dollar amount. It's your money. It's part of the time you spend away from family. The time that you work hard. The time that you give to make every single dollar. I know it matters where you spend it.



I call it an investment because I know that's exactly what it is. It's not just a dollar amount. It's your money. It's part of the time you spend away from family. The time that you work hard. The time that you give to make every single dollar. I know it matters where you spend it.

an investment into this

season of life

This time you won't get back. To truly capture where you are now. The joy. The laughter. The moment. The cuddles. The little tiny voices and hands that will change again tomorrow. The growing bump. 

The love that is turning into a legacy and a story, day after day. 
I know that it matters. And I won't let you down. I will make it worth it. I will honor the work you put into the dollars you invest into this.

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For families, maternity and lifestyle.


the journey session


+ 40 edited images
+ relaxed time setting
+ custom styling assistance

+ same night preview
+ digital album
+ print release


This session lets life happen, just as beautifully chaotic as you know it gets. It's relaxed. We smile, we laugh, we cozy up, get all that stuff that is between the smiles, chase the little one around and get the older one to finally crack a smile even though they "don't like pictures." Or to really stop and let your honey hold you for a little bit longer. To just explore. To essentially go on a date night and I am there to capture it. This allows for real life to happen but also leaves space for the magic as well. And believe me, we will get a lot more than just the smiling image to send to grandma. this is about telling your story. the journey of what makes your family - your family.


the beginning session


+ 10 edited images
+ 20 minutes

+ digital album
+ print release


This session gives you just enough time to smile, get all cozy and grab a couple of cuddles and get a picture to send to grandma. you know, to give a snapshot of just the beginning.


birth collections

ugh, the magic. the quiet moments before your life changes, yet again. the stillness. but then the roaring rush of ushering your baby earth side. it’s kind of like a wedding – you know it happened, but without capturing the details – the memories begin to fade. you get all the big moments. but what about the tiny ones? the way your partner held your hand. the way they were placed on your chest. the first latch. the way they came into the world. the tear that fell. and then the ones that follow. there’s so much in the in between, and that’s what i want to capture for you. the magic of bringing that little one earth side. your strength. your partnership. your victory. the day, your world changes again.

+ knowledge and preparation - the knowledge that comes with being a certified DOULA and the experience of being in the room while a mother is in labor, is unmatched. i bring that with me to make sure i serve you with the highest honor.
on-call period - babies aren't predictable, but we work together to establish a safety net to make sure i am there to capture this goodness!
+ peace of mind - i truly approach this with the highest honor and do everything in my power to come alongside you as an advocate during this time. we will prepare in several ways so that when you go into labor, you aren't worried about every detail. you know you have someone on your side helping you out & you can just be in the moment.
+ experience - i have poured a lot of time, passion and effort into ensuring that if i am in that room, i am adding to the experience. not because there's anything special about me - but because i know what this moment means to you. and so the experience i have had in several different types of births, experiences, and situations helps me add to the peace of the day/night.


+5 hours of labor coverage
+ telling your story specific to you with a in depth questionnaire to hear your heart, desires, and vision for the birth you've prepared for.
+ all the edited images to completely tell the experience of your birth story. (minimum 100 edited images).
+ private digital album.



you can have a birth only collection (starting at $1200) or include with maternity and/or newborn and receive a discount. payment plans available!


Kind Words

"There just aren’t enough words to possibly describe how amazing each and every photo that Kendra snaps is. She has a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting and of course expressions. Kendra is an extremely personable individual, with an artistic eye, she will make your experience memorable."



"I was literally going to just not have a photographer at all for my son's birth if Kendra couldn't be there because finding a great birth photographer is a HUGE deal.. such a raw, extremely intimate time in life and she is literally the BEST...she made me laugh & feel at ease when I was in tears during my son's birth. She literally PRAYED over me and my child while I was in labor. She reassured me that I was strong and capable of unmedicated birth when I felt like I wasn’t anymore. And the photos — I couldn’t imagine more perfect pictures from ALL of my sessions with her."



"Truth be told… I’ve never seen more beautiful images from a photographer in my life. While the images are stunning, the experience exceeds that. Her ability to bring comfort to what can sometimes be an uncomfortable situation (being in front of the camera for me as a Momma who is normally behind the camera). Kendra has a way of creating an environment with zero uncomfortable energy and full peace that your investment will be returned with images full of incredible memories and love."



"I honestly cannot say enough wonderful things about Kendra. She makes my family and I feel so comfortable and relaxed every time. I have never experienced a photographer pour so much heart and soul into their photos. she makes us feel loved and cared for."


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