my hope is that you start to believe you're worth it and that you are deserving of growth as you read these pages. my heart in coaching + mentoring is that i would add to your life so that we can continue to bless others with our talent. i have spent my career diving into the client experience + business profitability - and that's what i share and pour out with you. most of us didn't know that our passion for capturing moments in our own lives was going to turn into this. But it did. let's change lives with it - including ours.

let's trade the overwhelm with peace & ease.

if you're looking for more in your work, business, and photography - i've got you. that's why i'm here - why this space is here. to fill in the gaps. to call you to higher. to dream with you. but also, to execute what you have stirring in your heart. when we link arms, we get to impact more people, love more families, show more seasons, tell more stories.

your passion is worthy to be pursued.

I can remember back when I first started getting so frustrated because I knew I had it in me but there were these barriers. It wasn't until investing in my education that things started to shift. When I valued the teachings of others and knew that I needed to get allllll this spaghetti noodles of information, desire, passion, ideas, etc into order — it all changed.

I am in this for you. I am thankful you are even considering learning from me — and I promise I don't take that lightly. So here is to a new season: one where you believed in yourself enough to invest. 

with honor,

kendra ashton


Business Bootcamp

this is a 12-week course for all levels of business owners - focusing on the core foundations to level up in your business and walk in your true purpose — both with confidence and power. while pursuing both sustainability & probability.


The Beyond Measure retreat

a photography retreat for you to show up as you are, nothing more, nothing less.

i know we don't know each other - but allow me to share my heart a little - this isn't like the retreats you have probably seen.

we dive deep into business.
we dive deep into our purpose.
we dive deep into action.
we dive deep into blessing others.
we dive deep into this business that truly blesses us beyond measure. 



for the woman who desires that set apart time. just for you. just for your business. for everything that you've got in your heart and that you want to execute.
let's hop on zoom or meet over coffee.
either way, i've got you.


The Elevate Collective

there's a lie in the world: that you have to work to exhaustion and that you need to sacrifice it all to get your dreams. but i knew that wasn't true. there had to be a way to do this business with honor, to elevate, and to still create a rhythm of life that was peaceful. and it's true. there is a way.

so i created a coaching program to walk life out with you for a year. so that we can dive into what it takes to have a business that we run, and that doesn't run us.

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